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Our Process:


Unloading: Personnel dropping off previously scheduled animals must check into the retail area prior to unloading animals into the holding pens – this step is a very important! We do this to ensure all information is properly documented including farmer name, customer name(s) and ear tag, so the customer is receiving the correct animal back. If an animal doesn’t have a tag, Crescent Meats will assign a glued back tag or a color mark to the animal.

Drop off hours are from 6 AM – 2 PM on Tuesdays, unless otherwise scheduled. If animals are not delivered during allotted hours there will be a $25 after hour drop off fee applied.

Processing Instructions: Cutting instructions are due the week before drop off for pork, elk, bison and beef. New to having a beef or pig processed? Don’t worry about it! Our trained team members will walk you through the process step by step to ensure you are getting the cuts and products that best suits your family.

Processing: Crescent Meats will use their expertise to determine the cutting order of animals to ensure high quality meats. There will be no specified extra hanging time. Smaller/leaner animals will be processed first due to saturated / non saturated fats, fat covering of the animal and potential to faster spoilage.

Packaging: After the carcass is cut to the specified instructions all cuts will be vacuum packaged, to prolong shelf life, put into a box with the customer’s name and order number and stored in our freezer. Ground beef will be poly-clipped and added into the customers box(es).

Pick-up: Once the customer order is completed and fully frozen, Crescent Meats will either text, email or call to inform the customer that their order is ready. The customer will have 4 days to pick up their order before a $25 weekly storage fee will be applied unless previously authorized by Crescent Meats. Since Crescent Meats already has the customer order put into boxes, there is no need to bring coolers or boxes of your own to take home the completed order. Crescent Meats team members will assist loading the customer’s boxes into their vehicle.

FAQ: How do I know that I’m getting my own meat back?

When the animal being harvested is being dropped off, our trained staff will ask the driver a series of questions including farmer’s name, customer’s name, the amount of the animal the customer is receiving and a tag number. The farmer’s name and animal tag number/color information will then be transferred onto a carcass tag that is then put onto the carcass after being harvested. Before processing each animal, team members will match up the farmer’s name on the cutting instructions with the farmer’s name on the carcass tag on the animal. If the farmer has multiple animals being processed at the same time we will also double check the tag number/color at this time so each customer is getting the correct animal back.