Crescent Meats is a family owned and operated full-service meat processing facility. Our journey began in 2003, when our family moved to Cadott, Wisconsin from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, with the belief that buying local and providing high quality homemade products for a small town with no grocery store is what is truly needed. Being a small business, we strive to support the local community and small businesses in the surrounding areas, so they can offer the same belief to their own communities. We are dedicated to spreading our professional knowledge and teaching customers how to ensure they take home high quality, healthy and delicious products to their loved ones.

Here are other small businesses we work closely with to process their livestock and provide high quality meats to other local communities under their brand name:

Icon Meats - Cadott (bison, elk, venison)
The Honest Bison – Cadott (bison, elk, venison)
Good Earth Farms - Milladore (organic/natural beef, pork, chicken)
North Pasture Farms – Bruce (beef & pork)
Scholze Family Farms – Humbird (beef & pork)
Farm Sweet Farm - Cadott (grass-fed beef)
Freedom Range Farm – Barron (grass-fed beef)
South Shore Meats - Ashland (grass-fed beef, pork)
Maple Bee Acres - Granton (beef, organic pork)
Harmony Valley Farms - Viroqua (organic beef & pork)
Jackson Family Farms – Chippewa Falls (grass-fed beef)
Cedar Bee Farms - Mondovi (pork)
Folker’s Farms – Fall Creek (beef, pork)
Nelson Creek Farms (pork)
Schindler Farms – Curtiss (wagyu beef)
Red Hoof Farms – Port Wing (organic beef)
Cherokee Bison - Colby (bison)
North Star Homestead Farms – Hayward (pork, lamb)
Nelson Creek Farms – Thorp (pork)

Crescent Meats doesn’t only process for small businesses in Wisconsin.

Here are other businesses that make the long haul from different regions of the United States just to have Crescent Meats process their animals under their brand name:

Elk Marketing Council – Minnesota (elk)
Grande Natural Foods – Colorado (elk, whitetail)
Red Frazier Bison – Indiana (bison)
Whitney Creek Farm – Michigan (beef, pork, lamb)
Not only do we harvest and process livestock for small business, but we also create top of the line products for businesses around the United States also:

Family Farms – Eleva, WI
UW Provisions – Middleton, WI
Forest Floor Foods – Wisconsin
Kettle Range - Wisconsin
E Cattle Company - Wisconsin
Blaser Family Farms - Wisconsin
Neesvig’s - Wisconsin
Market House Meats – Minnesota
Booze Dogs – North Carolina
Memphis Ranch – Colorado